Florida Earthskills Gathering takes place February 5-8, 2015

We invite people of all tribes to join with us in creating conscious community and celebrating our living, breathing planet. The Florida Earthskills Gathering is a unique blend of enthusiasts who bring abundant skills and a great spirit of co-creation to this homespun gathering. By gathering here, we acknowledge that the time is ripe for the two-leggeds (humans) to become more ecologically aware and to reclaim the true meaning of sustainability, which can only be achieved by living in symbiosis and harmony with our fragile Earth.

We hope that through experiential learning, objects and skills will be created to provide food and shelter, clean air and water, and greater awareness of how to heal the earth and ourselves. We’ve had enough of reality television, mind-numbing sports, and the never-ending media barrage. Here at the gathering, we play our own music, create our own games, weave our own dance, make our own reality, and live our lives with feet firmly planted on the ground. We grow food, we regard water and nature as precious resources, and we honor and respect all our relations. We seek to become a healing part of all that is good and beautiful about life on Earth, and to share this ecological awareness with others for many moons after the gathering has dispersed.

With 75 nationally recognized instructors, there are plenty of activities for adults and kids. See the schedule for ideas, but realize that everything is subject to change, so check the BIG BOARD when you get on site. We guarantee there is something for everyone to enjoy! The Florida Earthskills Gathering is a time to learn, share, and experience community and true sustainable living skills. Day passes are $40 (2 workshops + 1 meal) and half-day passes are $15 (1 workshop). Workshops are at 1pm Thurs and at 9am and 1pm Fri-Sun. SPECIAL: Folks riding in by bicycle on the Hawthorne Trail, just continue across Hwy 301 and 1 mile along SE 65th Lane, enter by Gate #8 and receive 25% off your day pass! See you at Earthskills! Little Orange Creek Nature Park, 24115 SE Hawthorne Rd, Hawthorne, FL.