Florida Earthskills Gathering:
Living Skills for People and Planet
February 17-21, 2016

The Florida Earthskills Gathering will take place February 17-21, 2016 at Little Orange Creek Nature Park in Hawthorne, FL.


Thank you for your interest in this growing event!  

We are in the planning stages for the 2016 gathering, so please keep in mind as you explore the site that some of the info will be true for 2016, and there will be many updates througout the summer and fall as well.  Hope to see you there!

 A big Thank You to all those who contributed to make our 2015 event such an amazing experience!  

Please offer your suppport through a tax-deductable donation (see button at bottom of page) and/ or contact us to learn more about our volunteer/ work-trade opportunities. 


Please visit http://earthskillsgathering.org/  to find out more about upcoming events similar to the Florida Earthskills Gathering.



The Florida Earthskills Gathering is Conducted by the Putnam Land Conservancy, Inc.

We invite people of all tribes to join us in creating conscious community and in celebrating our living, breathing planet by learning and sharing truly sustainable living skills.

With more than 70 instructors sharing skills for adults and kids, plus morning and evening programming, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

The Florida Earthskills Gathering is a unique blend of enthusiasts who bring abundant skills and a great spirit of co-creation to this homespun gathering. By gathering here, we acknowledge that the time is ripe for modern, “civilized” humans to become more ecologically aware, to reclaim the true meaning of sustainability, and to help grow a culture of thriving which can only be achieved by living in symbiosis with each other and with our beloved Earth.

Through experiential learning, objects and skills will be crafted to provide food, shelter, clean water, and deep healing of the earth and ourselves.

We play our own music, create our own games, weave our own dance, make our own reality, and live our lives with feet firmly planted on the ground. We grow food, we regard water and air as precious resources, and we honor and respect all our relations. We seek to become a healing part of all that is good and beautiful about life on Earth, and to share this ecological awareness with others for generations to come.

The Florida Earthskills Gathering is a time to learn, share, and experience community and truly sustainable living skills.

See you at Fl. Earthskills!

Little Orange Creek Nature Park, 24115 SE Hawthorne Rd, Hawthorne, FL